Saturday, February 5, 2011


When my doctor removed the stitches from my jaw, he suggested that if anyone commented on the tiny scar, I should say I got it in a sword fight.  And say something like, “You should see what the other guy looks like.”

When I saw my chiropractor the other day, he was recovering from a cold, and had missed a few days of work.  I suggested that the next time something like that showed up on his doorstep, that he mark it REFUSED!  RETURN TO SENDER!

I had occasion to visit Avenidas on Friday (not for the day), and Audrey, among others, were delighted to see me.  I said I would try to be in on Monday, so Audrey suggested that we put together another Name That Tune session for that day.  Great idea!

Previews of coming attractions:
~Beautiful astronomy
~Kitchen creativity (not what you might think)

Summer cartoon --

Summer's almost here.  I saw deer in the backyard.


  1. That looks a little too close to reality! We had about 4 inches more added to the piles of snow today.
    At least it wasn't windy so it mostly stayed put instead of making snow-dunes

  2. Hey, I can name that tune in 4 notes.

  3. There are more deer in Montgomery County Maryland now, they believe, than there were in colonial times, and they're all over--I once saw one at rush hour in the little circle of land of the onramp onto the Beltway. It did not look happy.

    I bet those are Maryland deer.

    Meantime, glad you're on the mend!