Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is from the morning paper: “It’s so scientifical,” she said, her eyes wide open with wonder. “You get to use a telescope to look up and see the stars and find out what they are made of. I think they are made of dust and gas all smooshed together.”

So said nine year old Bryanna Lopez who went to the planetarium at De Anza College with the rest of her third grade class.

I love “... all smooshed together.” Seems to me we should all think that way, instead of dividing humans into various races, or religions, or parts of the world, or political parties, or whatever other subdiivisions we tend to make. Really! We’re all smooshed together.”

Humor --

I remember this story from some while ago. I don’t recall if it is supposed to be true. Nonetheless ...

A little girl kept bothering her mother to get her a little kitten, and the mother kept saying “No!”

In the same town, not very far away, a kitten belonging to a minister, had climbed up into a tree, and couldn’t get down. The minister kept trying to coax the kitten down, but with no luck.

That same day the little girl was still bugging her mother, who told the girl angrily, “Go outside and play!” So the little girl went out into the front yard.

In the meantime the minister, in an effort to get his kitten down without calling the fire department, came up with an idea. The tree was too thin for him to climb, but perhaps he could bend the tree down far enough to reach the kitten. So he went looking for a rope.

Meanwhile, the little girl had gone back into the house, once more to beg for a kitten. “Look,” her mother said, “If God wanted you to have a kitten, he would send you one. Now go back outside!”

The minister found his rope, and was able to bend the tree down far enough to attach the rope. But before he could figure out a place to fasten the rope to the ground, it slipped out of his grasp, the tree sprung back up, and the kitten went sailing off into the air.

“Mommy, Mommy! Look what God sent me! I was just sitting on the lawn when this little kitten landed right next to me!”


  1. All smooshed together and all made from the same exploding star dust.

  2. Some days explode like star dust, some days are all smooshed together nice and cozy.