Friday, April 2, 2010


We just started a book club here at the park. We meet only once a month, and the purpose of the group is to review books we have read, rather than have everyone read the same volume, and then discuss it. We had our first meeting in March to see who might be interested, and to set the parameters. At each meeting two persons will each give a review, and then see what discussion and questions ensue.

I volunteered to review a book at our April meeting (the same book I reviewed here on the blog), as did one other fellow, and yesterday that is precisely what we did. We had a bit of a late start, though. Our illustrious leader forgot what day it was, and we had to rouse her out of her lethargy.

I thought it went well. Yes, I know, I’m biased, but I didn’t see any frowning faces.

Humor -

*Whether a man winds up with a nest egg, or a goose egg, depends a lot on the kind of chick he marries.

* Trouble in marriage often starts when a man gets so busy earnin' his salt that he forgets his sugar.

* Too many couples marry for better or for worse, but not for good.

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