Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yes, today was a very busy day. First my financial adviser dropped by, and we discussed a number of things. Then Cliff and I had a lot of errands to run, and we just got back.

One of the stops had to do with something I believe I've mentioned previously. My current bank, just down the street, is being sold to another bank which is closing this branch. I wanted to stop in and discuss with them some banking items of interest. One had to do with the type of checking account would be best for me -- they have several different types. The one that the young lady pointed out looked pretty good to me, so she asked me, "Are you over 55?" "I'll be 80 on my next birthday," said I, smiling. "Really? You look only 40."

Um, yeah. Of course.

Other humor -

A very busy boss placed the following ad in the local newspaper: Local photocopy shop looking for someone with reproductive experience.

A youth league soccer coach didn’t much care for the refereeing, and said as much to the referee. Fed up, the ref threatened the coach with a penalty. He calmed down, but an older woman in the stands took up where the coach had left off. “You’d better control your sideline,” the ref warned the coach. The coach turned to the woman, and yelled, “Knock it off, Mom!”


  1. So what special banking deals can I look forward to in ten years time?

  2. She was banking on that compliment keeping you as a customer.