Saturday, November 21, 2009


Once again I have been sent some fascinating photos. And, no, I don't know how to get rid of this underscore. Enjoy.

The Magic Tap
It appears to float in the sky with an endless supply of water.
Actually there is a pipe hidden in the stream of water.
Location: Aqualand, Cadiz

La Trobe
Location: Melbourne

The Hanging Rhino
Location: Potsdam

Man at work
Rub its nose,and you will have good fortune. Many people must believe that
for the nose looks badly rubbed.
Location: Bratislava

De Vaartkapoen
A young rebel topplesover a policeman
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Melting Cow
Location: Budapest

Eating a biscuit together
Location: Seoul, Korea

Los Angeles
A true to life art work in fron of Ernst &Young Building
Location: Los Angeles, California

Knotted Legs Running
Location: Kanazawa, Japan

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Location: Dundee, Scotland

Location: CapeTown, South Africa

Location: Nice, France

And you want humor, too?

THE SCENE; An army training camp. A voice comes over the loud speaker system:
For all regular army personnel, dinner will be at 1700 hours.
For the new arrivals, dinner will be at 5 p.m.
For the new second lieutenants, when the little hand is on the 5 ...


  1. Re the man at work: the person on the left is about to fly off on his broom/umbrella. Mary Poppins, here he comes!

  2. Some of those half-people are creepy. I want to try to chip things away and save them!