Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I listen to the music on my iPod while exercising, and the other day the selections were Broadway hit tunes from the 40’s and 50’s, performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra. And suddenly I was struck with a memory from about 40 years ago.

At the time Amalie and I were not yet married, and we belonged to a Jewish singles group. The group had a dance scheduled, but somehow the Jewish Community Center was booked for the that night . Then one of the members managed to rent space at a local “Y”. Beautiful space. The only problem was that while there was a P.A. system, there was no music available. Now this was at a time long before CD’s, iPods, and other electronic gear available today, so Am and I went to our respective record and reel-to-reel tape collections, and put together several hours of what we figured was danceable music on reel-to-reel tape.

The night of the dance I was rather nervous, hoping that the group would both enjoy the music and be able to dance to it. I needn’t have worried. Once the music started, not only were they dancing, but they were singing on the dance floor! Great success!

Okay, here are the remainder of that quiz I started the other day. Answers at the bottom.






Answers -

Six - Knight mare

Seven - Light Beer

Eight - Pool Table

Nine - Egg plant

Ten - Dandy Lions

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  1. Dandy Lions. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Got light beer and egg plant. Emily just came in and got eggplant then gave a pathetic little faux giggle at Dandy LIons, which of course made me laugh again. HAHAHAHAHAHA.