Monday, November 2, 2009


I thought I was finished with this holiday, but this was too good to miss. A dear friend, Russ, says that Halloween is his favorite holiday, and he has done his best (which is quite good) to make it as scary as possible. Over the years he has set up his haunted area outside his house, and has done a great job of scaring the bejabbers out of the trick-or-treaters who have come to the door. Even some adults accompanying little oines. And they have come by the hundreds.

This year, he wrote, he decided “ theme the event with back to school nightmares”. And he came up with naming the event Imakilla U. He enlisted the help of several friends, including his wife, who heretofor had deigned to take any part in her husbands Halloween machinations. This year was different, she said, because there was humor involved. She became “Betty Croaker” the crazy cafeteria lady, and Russ became “The Custodian”, which, as he pointed out,”... even sounds sinister if you say it right”. Someone even took pictures, which is why you get to share.

Apparently the evening was most successful. They had a total of 543 graduates from Imakilla U, a new record.

Don't trust that smile. You don't know what's in that pot!

Betty Croaker has all kinds of things. Beware!

Ah, the Guidance Counselor. Doesn't she look so pleased to help you?

This is the “child left behind – for decades.” Why do you suppose she's glaring at the custodian?

She must have had something from the cafeteria.

Betty Croaker looks pained. Wonder why?

More fun?

George and Charlie had been the best of friends since childhood. And they both just loved baseball! They played sandlot ball as youngsters, played on the high school baseball team, and even after their schooling was over, they played some semi-pro ball until they were too old to play. So they took to watching all the games, knew all the players, kept track of all the stats, and they even got to a couple of World Series games. Many, many years passed, and they were getting quite old, when one day Geoge said to Charlie, “Ya know, my friend, we’re both gonna die one of these days. I have a suggestion.” “Oh, what’s that?” inquired Charlie. George continued, “I say that the first one of us to pass away come back and tell the other whether there’s baseball in Heaven.” “Great idea,” said Charlie.

And so it turned out that a few years later Charlie passed on. And sure enough, a couple of nights later George awoke to find Charlie at the foot of the bed. “George, I have good news and bad news,” said Charlie’s spirit. “Oh, what’s the good news?” inquired George. Charlie replied, “Yes, there is baseball in Heaven.” “And the bad news?” George asked. Charlie responded, “You’re pitching Sunday!”

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