Saturday, January 7, 2012


Or as the old song title has it, “I didn’t slip; I wasn’t pushed; I fell”.  Actually, my left ankle turned over on me, and down I went.  I was in pain, so Cliff drove me to the emergency room.  Since I’d hit my head as well as my shoulder, they did a cat scan of the noggin, and x-rayed the shoulder.  Results?  No damage to the head; slight crack in clavicle.  Yeah, it hurts, but only when I move.  This too will pass.

How about something on the light side --


  1. A talon-toed bird there, definitely! The dog needs to be extra careful not to bite the claws that feed him.

  2. Bet Pips is wishing she had a bird instead of the cat who actually steals bits of the tasty meat morsels in her dish.

    Sorry to hear about your fall. On a less worrying but still annoying note, I woke up with hives two of the last three nights (not last night.) Seems the chronic dermographic hives I experienced over a decade ago have turned into heat induced (cholinergic) hives. Thank you perimenopause and allergic reaction to dried pitted dates! Seems to be acute but what a way to wake up in the middle of the night.

    Sorry if I'm turning your blog into a "Hey, you think YOU had a bad weekend...." exchange!

    Hope you're healing well. And I hope it doesn't itch!