Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Pretty, cute, unusual -- you pick your favorite adjective --

Waiting for my taxi -- going to the airport, and fly south.

 If someone would turn on the water, we could float right out of here.

Save some for me

Glup, glup, gulp

I’m hiding

I wanna go, too

Tickle, tickle

 I’m a pet, not a future meal

My baby

Other fun --

And if you think those are cute, or pretty or ...
try this one --

That young lady is Laura, Director of activities at Avenidas.  She thought this would make a colorful picture.


  1. Very colorful! And you have the right hat for it! I like the bird hat in the first picture, too.

  2. I love your hat! And the bird, and the hamsters especially. Hamsters were the only pets we had growing up, other than one early pair of gerbils; hamsters are way cuter.

  3. You know I like the otter photo, but my favorite is the one with you and Laura. You don't resemble each other physically, but your smiles are both sweet :-} (I am so glad you like the hat!)

  4. I really like this picture of us. Thank you for humoring me! Oh,and THANK YOU for the "young lady" comment! You're a good friend, Don!

  5. Hi. I really love the photo 'I'm hiding' and would like to use that for my logo. Do you know who owns it?